Did U Know Importance of SSL certificate for a website

Importance of SSL certificate for a website

Importance of SSL certificate for a website

With internet evolution, website security is also increasing. The user trusts more on the website with the SSL certificate and prefers to open the website which has the green padlock, that is, HTTPS. Here we will know the reason why SSL is important for a website. This article will make you clear with the Importance of SSL certificate for a website

We all know that the HTTPS protocol is more secure than HTTP and users trust more on it. You can see that day-by-day websites and blogs are being published so rapidly.

Internet browser like Chrome Browser also shows “Not Secure” warning for websites without SSL. Before knowing the Importance of SSL Certificate for a website, we will get to know what is SSL in the real world and what does it mean?

What is SSL and what does it mean?

The full form of SSL is the Secure Sockets Layer, which is a standard security technology where an encrypted link is made between the server and the customer. This is a security protocol that secures the encryption used between both parties.

The website using this technology has an SSL certificate which is shown with a padlock sign. Clicking the padlock gives the details of the SSL Certificates Issuing Authority and website owner.

Before the URL of SSL enabled websites, there is an HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) which states that it is safe to visit this website. This is better for cybersecurity.

But if you do not know how important it is for the website, then in this post you will get complete information about the importance of SSL for the website.

How important is an SSL Certificate for a website?

SSL Certificate Importance for Website: Here we will go through the details about what is required for the website.

1. SSL increases the Website Security

The biggest benefit of an SSL certificate, it increases the security of your website. The data of the user remains secure and the hackers are not able to easily hack your website.

In this way, it is beneficial for both: website users and website owners. It also protects you from hacking, as the hacker will not be able to hack your website and the data of the users will not be leaked.

2. Importance of SSL in Data Protection

The definition of SSL given in the above section shows that the SSL helps in the better security of data. When a user submits his/her information on the website, it is passed through the system before reaching its target; hence any hacker can be hacking the data in between the process.

The SSL certificate encrypts the data, which means that only the recipients can read this data. This is better for securing passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal and sensitive details.

3. Authenticates your presence

Phishing is the Internet Era’s biggest danger. Worldwide, Users are being cheated on the name of an original company or website.

In such an environment, SSL helps your visitors to quickly trust on your website. And assure them that they are in the right and secure place and they will not have any problem on this website.

4. SSL is important to increases user trust on website

In websites that use SSL certificates, users believe more, customers know that their data will be secure on the page loaded with https.

It also attracts visitors to your website who are afraid of stealing their personal data; they will also visit your website after seeing the padlock.

5. SSL helps to boost SEO

The SSL certificate helps to boost your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Along with Google, the world’s largest search engines rank HTTPS websites more. Google has also made it a ranking factor.

Because of HTTPS, your website’s posts and the page will rank top in search engine results and your website will have more organic traffic.

Looking at these 5 things, we can understand how important an SSL certificate for the website is. Hopefully, the importance of the SSL certificate is clear from this article. It will also be clear that in today’s time it is almost necessary to enable https on the website.

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