Did U Know Cloud storage and its benefits with Cloud storage services

Cloud storage and its benefits with Cloud storage services

Cloud storage and its benefits with Cloud storage services

There was a time when 2MB of space memory was considered very large, but in today’s time, hundreds of GB or TB of data memory also seems less for storage. The simple meaning of this change is that today people need extra memory to protect their data for every activity. Cloud Storage is the best model of this changing era. This technique is also being used very fast and on a large scale. So, I am going to tell you what is Cloud storage, its benefits with Cloud storage services.

What is Cloud Storage?

First of all be clear with the fact that Cloud Storage is not a hard disk, pen drive or memory chip. It is a data storage model that is based on a computer network. In common language, Cloud Storage is a technology where you can upload your documents, photos, videos, music, etc. to the Internet and keep it there forever. You can use this data from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Cloud Storage has changed the definition of data storage itself. If we talk about the situation a few years ago, we would have had a Floppy Disk in the name of Data Storage only. These devices usually had less storage space and a lot of problems. After that the CDs came into existence, then Pen Drives and Hard Disks. However, if these devices will get any damage anyhow, all of the data in these devices wiiis lost.

Due to all these problems, Cloud Storage came into existence. Cloud Storage is a model of computer data storage in which digital data is stored through an optical fiber cable, in which you can store your private photos, videos, and other documents.

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It is a network of huge computers in a way, in which many computers work together to make servers, in today’s time they are very much used. It is just like your computer. Your computer also works as a server but size and power are not sufficient enough to perform. However, in cloud storage computers are much larger in capacity and power. In today’s time, Cloud storage is being used on a large scale. With the boom of cloud storage, many companies provide Cloud Storage Services free of cost.

What are Cloud Storage Services?

Cloud storage services are the services provided by companies that maintain and manage the data of customers. They make that data accessible over a network, usually the internet which is available at any time and at any place.

Below is a list of some of the Cloud Storage Services

Google Drive: Cloud storage by Google

Google Drive is one of the most used Google cloud storage services. It is available for all users that have a Google account. You can easily access it from Gmail or Google page after log-in to your account. If you have an Android phone, you can use it directly by Google Drive application. Android phones already have this app installed. Using Google Drive is very easy. You just need to log-in with your Gmail ID/Google ID and then you can use it. You will get free cloud storage of 15 GB, after occupying 15GB, you can avail more space by using paid services.

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DropBox Cloud Storage service

You can use it through software or application which keeps regularly synced with your phone or computer through the internet. This is why DropBox Cloud Storage services are one of the most famous services. These services are available free for all three of Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and Android phones. In this application also you can store your Android phone data and store its back up on desktop or windows phone. This DropBox gives you up to 2 GB FREE Cloud Storage space, after that, you will have to pay for additional storage.

One Drive by Microsoft cloud storage

The interface of One Drive cloud storage of Microsoft cloud storage is quite simple which is right for you. If you have never used cloud storage before, then it is already available in Windows Phone or computer. Whereas, if you are an Android user then you have to download it. It offers up to 10 GB of free cloud storage.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

The biggest advantage of Cloud Storage is that you can access your information from anywhere and we can access the data from anywhere. The data that we store in mobile or computer can be corrupted anytime and the data that we store during cloud storage is automatically backed up from time to time in which the data is not spoiled so Cloud Storage is a Are the correct storage.

The best thing in this is that Data Secure remains, no one can access it without logging in and the space saved in our mobile laptop, etc. from Cloud Storage.

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