Did U Know Types of SSL certificate: which is the best for you

Types of SSL certificate: which is the best for you

Types of SSL certificate: which is the best for you

On many occasions, you will have read about the multiplication of computer crimes that occur year after year. Faced with them, we only have one solution. Bet on security and put the batteries to try to provide the maximum confidence in our digital businesses to our clients. That is why if you still do not have an SSL certificate on your website, you should know that at this time it is almost mandatory. There are free ones and there are paid ones, and of course, this will depend on the degree of security that you grant to the data encryption.

What is an SSL certificate?

But, let us start at the beginning. What is an SSL certificate? An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a security system that allows the transfer of data. Which is between a web server and a browser, protecting the information that is transmitted. When a user browses our website, they can send us different data and in this sense, if you have an SSL certificate installed, the data of the different users and your own will navigate with encryption, that is, secure.

When browsing any website, the user can easily see if that site has this security plus. Because those sites that do not have an SSL certificate installed will continue browsing with the HTTP protocol. They will appear with an open padlock. And also the browser will notify you that you want to enter an unsafe site. On the other hand, if your website uses an SSL certificate, the HTTPS protocol will appear in the browser bar. This will show as the closed lock, and depending on the type of certificate, a green bar.

Why is it so necessary to use an SSL certificate?

Almost any type of website should already have an SSL certificate, to try to improve security for its users. And also because Google currently penalizes those websites that do not have it . Also getting an SSL certificate is quite cheap and sometimes even free.

This is the case of Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, issued by a certifying entity promoted by the Linux Foundation and which are totally free. Most of the hosting websites include the Let’s Encrypt certificate with their hosting plans. But is it enough for all kinds of websites? Depending on the site you have, we recommend not staying with the free one and providing extra security with a paid SSL certificate.

What types of SSL certificates are there?

We can differentiate different types of SSL certificates. But the big difference will be in the level of validation that the certificate gives you and whether it covers one or more domains.

Depending on the level of validation

They are the simplest since what they do is that they validate the owner of the domain , performing checks with the DNS records of the domain. It usually doesn’t take long.

Organization validation SSL certificates

With this type of certificate, you add extra security. The verification process not only validates the domain but also the organization, adding to web security, data about the company that carries the domain.

Extended Validation Certificates: the most complete certificate

Of all the types of certificate, the most complete, since before issuing the certificate. Both the organization and the web are thoroughly examined. You distinguish it from the others because in the URL the name of the company appears before the domain.

Depending on the number of domains

In addition to their degree of validation, SSL certificates also differ in the number of domains they protect. In this sense, in hosting plans, you will find SSL Certificates of a single domain. That is, certificates that only examine one domain and if it is necessary to install it in another domain or subdomain, you require a new certificate.

And on the other hand, WildCard certificates, which you can use not only to certify the domain itself. But also for all the subdomains linked to the main domain.

Imagine that you have a company with the domain mytechbriefers.com. And that for BlackFriday you want to create a landing with the subdomain blackfridary.mytechbriefers.com. If you have a single domain certificate, this landing will not navigate under the HTTPS formula. But if your certificate is the wildcard, yes it will.

What type of SSL certificate do I need for each website?

Each type of website will require that you have one certificate or another. It will depend on the level of security you want to provide to the user. If your business only has a simple corporate website or is a personal blog, we recommend choosing a simple type SSL certificate. Why? It will be cheap. And your website will provide the user with all the guarantees that they are browsing a secure site. And of course, Google will not penalize you by offering that extra security.

If you have a digital business where the user usually accesses a client area providing email and password. Such as an e-learning platform, we recommend you go from a simple certificate to an organization validation certificate.

And if the user can also make purchases on your website, where together with their personal data they will also offer their payment data. Such as credit cards or PayPal, we recommend using the highest level certificate, that of Extended Validation.

In summary, the more complex the web, our recommendation is that you offer greater security to the user so that they trust you and your organization.

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