Did U Know SSL certificates, 5 reasons why you need one

SSL certificates, 5 reasons why you need one

SSL certificates, 5 reasons why you need one

An SSL certificate is a tool that will allow our website to work under the HTTPS protocol as compared to HTTP. Thus, the data of our clients or those shared on your website will be able to navigate more securely thanks to an encryption mechanism.

Distinguishing a website that has an SSL certificate installed from one that does not have it is easy. In this sense, for those that work with the HTTPS protocol, a closed padlock will accompany you in the navigation bar. In front of them, those websites that do not have a certificate installed, browsers such as Chrome or Firefox will warn users that they are entering quicksand, on websites that are not 100% secure.

But if this is not enough reason to hire an SSL certificate and install it on your website, in this post we give you 5 reasons why you need to install one.

Why do you need to install SSL certificates?

1. SSL certificates are not a big investment

Installing an SSL certificate on your website will not cost you a lot of money per year. In fact, if you have a corporate or personal website, you can install a Let’s Encrypt certificate.  Let’s Encrypt certificate is totally free in almost all the web hosting plans available. But in the case of wanting to opt for a paid one, which we recommend having greater guarantees, you can count on a paid SSL plan for a few bucks.

2. Installing an SSL certificate will better position your page in Google

For a few years, Google has penalized those websites that do not navigate under the HTTPS protocol, that is, they do not have an SSL certificate. In fact, in Chrome, it even gives a warning signal to users, something that will make you miss visits and above all, purchases. But also, in order to sort the search results in its search engine, Google ensures better results to those websites that provide that added security.

3. You generate more trust in users by using SSL certificates

Gaining the trust of a user to become a customer is not an easy task. But losing her is easy enough. In this sense, secure websites that are committed to security generate more trust in visitors than those that do not pay attention to this aspect. If in a physical store, you would not put your card in a dataphone that is being recorded by cameras: why in an online store is a customer going to include their bank details on a website that does not provide security guarantees?

4. There are payment methods that require you to work with the HTTPS protocol

Many banks require that your website works with an HTTPS protocol, that is, that it has an SSL certificate installed, to offer you a TPV product to be able to incorporate payments by debit or credit card in your online store. In this sense, not having a certificate installed can close doors to offer more payment methods and facilities to your future clients.

5. Websites with SSL certificates are more secure

Sites that have SSL certificates installed tend to avoid cyber malware and phishing attacks to a greater degree. In addition, the certificate is associated with a person or company and a certifying entity is the one who ensures security. Users in this sense will navigate with more peace of mind with websites that work with HTTPS. Compared those that do not offer any guarantee.

What types are there and which is the best for my business?

There are different types of SSL certificates and depending on what your digital project is. It is more advisable that you choose one or the other. In the following post, you can learn in-depth about the different types of certificates. And we advise you which one to choose and hire if you have an online store, a website with login, and a simple corporate website.

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