Digital Marketing What is CPA Marketing? How It Works and Its Benefits!

What is CPA Marketing? How It Works and Its Benefits!

What Is CPA Marketing? How It Works And Its Benefits!

Many people are looking for ways to make money from the internet, they use various methods, ranging from creating a Youtube channel, becoming a freelancer, to affiliate marketing. However, there is another way that is a derivative of affiliate marketing, namely CPA marketing.

This business is intended for those of you who have an active website with pretty good traffic. The way CPA Marketing works is similar to affiliate, so keep reading this article until the end so you can try this business!

What is CPA Marketing?

Cost per Action or CPA is an online marketing strategy that is carried out on a website, where you can get a commission for every action taken by a user ( lead ). The commission will be calculated based on PPL ( Pay per Lead) or every user who takes action then you will get a commission.

From the definition of CPA, it can be concluded that this CPA is similar to an affiliate, that is, they both take action. It’s just that the action on the CPA is more diverse.

The actions that can be taken also vary, ranging from filling out forms, downloading applications, including emails, buying products, and much more depending on the wishes of the advertiser. Then the nominal CPA marketing commission ranges from 1-10% of the product price that has been determined.

For some people, there may be marketing terms that are still unfamiliar. The following terms are found in CPA marketing.

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Terms of CPA Marketing

Here are some terms in CPA marketing that you must know to make it easier to understand in the future.

  • Publisher: a person who promotes a brand, product, or business on his website.
    Advertiser: a company or business owner who works with publishers to do CPA in promoting their products.
  • CPA network: a platform that brings together publishers with advertisers.
  • Affiliate manager (AM): a person who guides publishers in running the CPA marketing business.
  • Commission: the profit that publishers get from placing advertisements on the website.
  • Action: actions or actions taken by the user on the advertiser’s landing page, whether it is filling out a form, downloading an application, or other actions.

Those are some of the terms in CPA marketing that we will use for further explanation.

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Perbedaan Cost per Action dan Cost per Acquisition

If the focus of CPA is on user-generated actions, it is different from cost per acquisition, which refers to the price for acquiring one user in a business. For cost per acquisition, it is usually found on Google Adsense or affiliate marketing businesses.

The following are some derivatives of CPA marketing, including:

  • Cost per lead: a marketing strategy where the advertiser will pay the publisher for each lead. This strategy does not require publishers to get conversions, such as sales.
  • Cost per sale: a marketing strategy where the advertiser will pay the publisher every time a sale occurs. Cost per sale is the type of CPA that provides the largest commission.
  • Cost per install: a marketing strategy where the advertiser will pay the publisher for each application installation by the user. This strategy is specifically for advertisers who want to promote their application products.

From the types of derivatives above, then how does this CPA marketing work? It doesn’t take long to see the explanation below.

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How Does CPA Marketing Work?

The CPA marketing system is similar to affiliate marketing. Well, to make it easier to understand, here’s how it works.

First, you as a website owner must register as a publisher on one of the CPA networks. Then the advertiser will provide an ad banner that you must install on the website.

Second, put the banner on your website. After that, if a web visitor clicks on the banner, they will be directed to the advertiser‘s page.

Third, if a visitor takes the requested action, that’s where you will get a commission. In short, how a CPA works are as follows:

The publisher places an ad on the website > visitors click on the banner link > visitors go to the advertiser page > visitors take action > you get a commission.

That is a short way of working in the CPA marketing business. If you are still confused, this time techBriefers will provide an overview.

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For example, here Dimas has a personal website with high traffic. On the website, Dimas often discusses application reviews. Because he wanted to get additional income, he tried to register as a publisher on the CPA network.

There he met an advertiser who had just launched his application. The advertiser wants his application to be known and used by more people by means of CPA marketing.

The CPA network brings together Dimas who can help promote applications on their website, as well as advertisers who want to promote their applications.

From there, Dimas will get a commission from the advertiser if a visitor downloads the application. Then the advertiser application will also be used by many people. In this CPA marketing business , both parties will benefit.

After knowing the business description, are you more interested in doing it too? If so, know the advantages of CPA marketing below.

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CPA Advantages

CPA is one business that you should try because it has several advantages. Including the following.

Save capital

The first advantage of CPA is that it saves capital, in the CPA business you don’t need to spend any money. The most important thing is that you have an active website with quite a lot of visitors.

Easy to run

In addition to saving capital, CPA business is also easy to run. First, you just need to have a website. Then register on the CPA network, after which you will be guided by the affiliate manager. If you want to get a large commission, then try to continue to increase website traffic.

High ROI rate

In addition, the advantage of CPA marketing is that it has a large profit opportunity. The CPA business is one that provides a high level of ROI. CPA allows you to make big profits. The amount that can be obtained depends on the number of website visitors.

For example, you have 2,000 website visitors every day. If each action you get $100, then your total monthly income is $200,00 per day.

Very tempting isn’t it? From these benefits, you can also make it a source of passive income.


Running a CPA business doesn’t take up a lot of time. If you make this business your main job, then you can work flexibly whenever you want.

If you are a Blogger, then your job is to make sure to keep updating content and increasing traffic so that more visitors click on the CPA ad banner.

Tips for Running a Profitable CPA Business

For those of you who are interested in running a CPA business, you should know the tips so that your business can run smoothly and get maximum profit. Tips for successfully running a CPA business are as follows:

Choosing the right CPA network

The first tip is to choose the right CPA network because the selection will affect the performance of your CPA business. There are many types of CPA networks out there, here are some platforms that you can use to find CPA advertisers.

Apart from the above, there are many other platforms . The most important thing when choosing a CPA network, is you have to pay attention to several things such as the commission payment system, reviews, or testimonials from users regarding affiliate managers to registration requirements.

Study carefully the CPA network that you have chosen to maximize your CPA business.

Have an active website

The next tip is to have an active website as a medium for promotion. If you don’t have one, make sure you know how to make a website, don’t forget to also use hosting to make better performance.

If so, fill the website with useful content or articles so that many visit.

Increase website traffic

Website traffic is one of the keys to getting bigger profits. The more visitors the potential number of clicks will be even greater.

So, so that you have more visitors, you need to do ways to increase traffic. There are many ways that can be done, one of which is to write SEO-friendly articles.

By applying the rules of SEO, then the article will have the potential to appear on the first page of Google. From there, more people will visit your website. Then they will click on the CPA ad banner.

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Already Understand What is a CPA?

How, until here you have understood what CPA is right? CPA is an online marketing strategy that allows you to earn commissions for every user action.

CPA marketing is one type of business that is suitable for website owners. So, for you bloggers, what are you waiting for? Immediately register on the CPA network and find the right advertiser. Good luck, yes, greetings online success !

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