How To How to Earn Money from the Internet Easily and Fast

How to Earn Money from the Internet Easily and Fast

How To Earn Money From The Internet Easily And Fast

Do you want to know how to earn money from the Internet? If so, of course you hope that this income from the internet can be a source of additional income, even if you are serious about pursuing the ways that I will share this can actually be your main income.

How to get money from the internet

In order to be able to earn money from the internet, of course it is not an easy thing, but if you want to study and pray, of course this is not impossible. Because now is the era of technology, where technology makes life easier and more productive.

The following is a review of how to earn money from the internet:

  1. Google AdSense (CPM)
  2. Global Test market ( GTM )
  3. Youtuber
  4. Internet marketer
  5. Online store
  6. Offering services on the internet (freelancers)
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Web designer
  9. influencer (celebrity)
  10. Selling stock photos
  11. Creating online training
  12. Become a virtual assistant
  13.  Selling WordPress themes/plugins
  14.  Selling Font designs
  15.  Become a Drop shipper
  16. Freelancer Writer
  17. Earn money from watching videos
  18.  Fill out the questionnaire
  19. Become a proofreader
  20. Enter the SEO contest
  21. Enter Design contest
  22. Data entry freelancers
  23. Mining Cryptocurrency
  24. Become a live streaming game
  25. Become a Youtuber
  26. Selling E-book
  27. Copy Writer

Currently, many young people who are in their teens can earn hundreds of dollars only with Facebook and Instagram. And many young people are successful even though they are still in college. If they can, of course you can too.

In this era of very fast technological development, realizing this dream is not impossible. No one can deny that the internet has now become one of the easy places to make a lot of money from the internet.

The Internet provides many opportunities for creative and open-minded people. And uniquely, when you do business on the Internet, the results you get can be many times in comparison to working offline or working in a company.

Even in terms of risk, internet business has a smaller risk compared to offline business. Because, the capital issued is less, and you can ride on other people’s platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

However, there are still very many people who don’t know this great opportunity and don’t really understand how to make money from the internet. Could this be an opportunity given the lack of competition? Everything depends on you.

Getting Money From the Internet With Minimal Capital

Of course not everyone has a lot of capital, therefore some people are looking for ways to make money with minimal capital.

However, can you make money on the internet without any capital? In this case, of course, you are not the only one asking the same question. And the answer is yes in some cases.

If you observe successful people from the Internet, there are many opportunities or loopholes that you can do. For example, lately, there are many housewives who can run an online store with just a blackberry cellphone.

These housewives can also look after children and help the household economy at the same time, not infrequently there are also those who can earn up to tens of millions of rupiah per month with only a smartphone.

According to data from Google, every day a lot of people are looking for information about how to earn money on the internet without a penny of capital. Because the online business method has many advantages compared to the offline business method. because with an online-based business, you are not adrift of place and time. You can do this business work anywhere and anytime without binding place or time.

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Ways to earn money from the Internet easily

The information above is just one example. In the following, DomaiNesia will explain clearly and in order about money-making opportunities that you can try.

CPM (Cost Per Million)

What is CPM? CPM stands for Cost Per Million, which means you will get earnings if thousands of people view your platform. Are you still confused? OK, shall we explain in more detail? Of course you are very familiar with the YouTube platform right, Yes, YouTube is one of the places to get CPM. So you will make dollars later if the video you upload is watched per thousand people. To become a youtuber, you can find out how here how to get money from YouTube

Buying and Selling Online

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet without capital is by buying and selling online. You can already run an online business with only an internet network via a smartphone.

For products, you can sell fashion products, food products, electronic products, sports products and beauty products.

However, if you don’t have enough capital, you can start with dropshipping. For those who don’t know dropshipping, this is a working system term for selling other people’s products without us having to buy them first.

In this era of increasing number of online shops, you can open a shop without having to stock the items that you have to sell. So later you promote goods belonging to other stores on your social media accounts, or on your own website.

Furthermore, if a buyer buys your product, all you have to do is contact the product owner to send the item to the buyer. Easy, right? Doing dropshipping is the same as being a broker or broker for the product you want to sell.

Offering Services On The Internet

Services are one of the most profitable businesses of all time. If you want to know how to make money on the internet but don’t want to try the 2 things we described earlier. Then you can try to make money by offering services, in this world there are a lot of services that are produced. because of the internet.

Currently, there are many platforms or marketplaces that provide service offerings around the world. Among them are p-store, fiver,, sribulancer, 99designs and many more.

You can offer your own services ranging from article writing services, design services, website creation, SEO services, and much more. Then we will explain in the article below, about what services you can get into to get rupiah or dollars. that’s the way to How to Get Money from the Internet through services.

Affiliate Marketer

To get money from affiliate marketers is a little more different than what we explained above, because to become affiliate marketing you have to master several areas of marketing.

Affiliate marketing is that you help sell other site’s products by means of buyers buying products through the links you share. The ability to become affiliate marketing is one of them. It is that you have to be an expert in the field of SEO (search engine optimization). Which is how to get people to come to your website through the search engine.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a writing service job that is offered through online media. This is a job that many people do, but it also requires the ability to compose words.

By writing based on client requests you can already earn some money. Being a freelance writer has a lot of opportunities, because every day lots of new websites are listed on the Internet.

Because every time a lot of new websites are registered, of course the services of this freelance writer, very promising big income. Another reason that makes freelance writers a favorite of many people is because this one job is very easy.

Even for those of you who are beginners who have never written articles. You can still learn writing techniques through thousands of examples of articles scattered on the Internet. That’s How to Make Money from the Internet by becoming a freelance writer

Web Designer User Interface And User Experience

Web designer is a highly sought after job today. As a web designer, your job is to make a website attractive, comfortable to look at, and make it easier for people to access it. Every day, of course, many new websites appear. And it is certain that more and more people are looking for web designers to create their websites.

You can do work as a web designer flexibly, anywhere, anytime. The income of web designers is also quite interesting, the income of web designers is now above the average from ordinary work. You are lucky if you have skills to be a web designer and you want to do this job.


If you like using social media, you must have a LinkedIn account . Why should LinkedIn?

Because now is the time for you to build relationships with professionals in their respective fields. On this platform you can create a professional profile to promote your skills on LinkedIn. It’s not impossible if there are people who are interested in recruiting you as a freelancer who works at home with only a laptop and an internet connection. One of the freelance services that you can do is to provide a website creation service. Become a graphic designer or writer who sells per article.

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Well, if you currently have a lot of followers on social media accounts. It turns out that you can earn money from the internet with just a cellphone. You can earn money by receiving product endorsements on your social media accounts. It is certain that you will be able to make money from the internet.

Micro-tasking app

Many applications on mobile phones currently offer micro-tasking services with cash rewards. Just by doing some of the things you have to do in the app, you can make money. One example of an application is Snapcart. This application will give you cashback from the shopping receipts you take, or Cashtree which gives you credit if you open your smartphone often.

Selling stock photos

If you have good photography skills and have a smartphone that supports HD quality, you must try this one. You can sell stock photos from smartphone results. Selling stock photos is one of the easiest ways to earn money from the internet. You are only required to be diligent in hunting photos in nature or the surrounding environment, then upload your photos to stock photo sites, one of which is shutter stock . If your photos are good, it’s not impossible if someone will use your photos for business purposes, and of course they have to pay copyright to you.

Creating online training

In the current pandemic, making online learning or courses is the right choice to make money online, especially if your passion is teaching and want to be useful for others.

There are so many online trainings that are sold for millions per head, including motivators, digital marketing, SEO training, accounting and taxation training, training to educate children.

From some cases, a lot of income is earned by making online training, for those of you who want to try to make online training and earn money from the internet, you can start with passion or according to what you like.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is a job by providing benefits to businesses remotely. 

virtual assistant work system that is offering business services to customers or buyers every day. The service here is very broad, you can write articles, create social media content, you can also create blogs and much more

Only with the internet you can become an assistant and earn income easily. No longer need to be stuck in traffic on the road to go to the office, you can run your work wherever you are.

There are already many companies that need virtual assistants to save costs, and advance the company without the need to come to the office. 

There are several examples of virtual assistant jobs including:
General Virtual Assistant/Administration
Virtual Assistant Digital Marketing Virtual
Assistant Programming Virtual
Assistant Design
and many more

Selling WordPress themes/plugins

Do you have the ability to code web programming languages? You can make money through WordPress by manually creating themes and plugins.

Currently the market demand is very much to become a wordpress theme developer, because almost 70% of websites in this world are wordpress.

To be able to sell themes in large quantities, you can register on the site

You get a lot of income, because the price of a wordpress theme can be sold at a price of $ 60 or around 700 thousand per theme, imagine if you could sell 10 themes in a month. 

A wordpress theme is the front view of a website, there are many types of websites in this world, therefore different themes are needed.

an example is a company profile website, of course different from a news website.

therefore the opportunity to create the theme is very large and still wide open.


This is the era of the office less generation, where you can make money anytime and anywhere with just a laptop, smartphone and internet. With simple equipment, of course, you already have, now you can make a lot of money in the ways described above. Maybe at the beginning it was a little hard, but believe me if you really do one of the ways above, you will make a lot of money from the internet.

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