How To How to Write a Blog That Invites Traffic

How to Write a Blog That Invites Traffic

How To Write An Interesting Blog That Invites Traffic

The existence of a blog today is really needed for various kinds of needs both in the fields of business, education, and others. So that blogs are no longer a place to write personal daily stories, but also for personal branding or business marketing needs. Then, how to write the right blog so that it can attract the attention of the audience? Follow some of the following tips, come on.

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is an article, news, or guide published in the blog section of a website. 

Blog posts typically cover specific topics of an educational nature with content ranging from 600 to 2,000 words and more, plus additional images, videos, infographics, and interactive charts.

These blog posts make it easy for you to publish a thought or story on your website on any topic.

Blogs can help increase brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue for a business. In addition, it can also help increase traffic to the website. Learn in detail How To Create SEO Friendly Articles On Blogs & Websites.

How to Write the Right Blog

In order to be able to write on the blog correctly and be interesting and educational. Blogs should contain content that can answer questions and help the audience solve their problems. 

However, it’s actually not enough to just answer someone’s question, you also have to provide actionable steps for the audience. 

For example, by creating article content whose contents are clear and complete related to certain information so that it makes the audience want to continue reading your posts. 

In order for the audience to understand more quickly, include real examples related to the information you provide. This will build the credibility of your blog in the eyes of the audience or readers. 

Keep in mind that a good blog post and interesting to read can provide clear and detailed information to the audience. Here are some ways to write the right blog:

#1. Understand the Audience

The first way to write a blog is to make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience or readers of your articles. Try to better understand what their audience wants to know or resonate with. 

This is where the process of creating audience personas comes in, where you have to consider what their interests and needs are so that they can become topics for blog posts. 

For example, if your blog readers are millennials who want to start a business, you should provide articles about this, such as information on how to market through social media.  

#2. Do Competitor Research before you write a blog

The next way to write a blog is to try to do competitor research. Make sure you find out about other popular blogs because their strategy and execution can be a reference to build audience credibility. 

The purpose of doing this is not to copy the elements that the competitors have, but to get a better insight into the reader’s interest. There are several things you should pay attention to when conducting a competitive analysis, namely: 

  • Visually, try to look at the blog’s branding, color palette, and themes.
  • Copy, analyze the tone and writing style of competitors to see what attracts the audience. 
  • Topic, pay attention to what discussion material the reader likes to interact with.

#3. Decide what topics to discuss

Before writing anything, select the topic you want to write about. Determining the topic of discussion is the most important part of how to write a blog. 

For those of you who are still confused, try to choose a topic by asking a few questions like these:

  • Who is this content intended for? 
  • How well do you understand the topic to be written?
  • Is this topic relevant to the audience’s needs or interests?

#4. Identify a Unique Point of View 

The right way to write a blog must also identify your point of view as a blog writer. This will be the key to determining the focus of the blog topic. 

Think carefully about what reasons make you believe you are an expert or can become an expert on the topic of blog writing. 

#5. Give Your Blog a Unique and Memorable Name

Giving a blog name is also part of how to write a blog that should not be missed. Here are some tips for creating a blog name: 

  • Make sure the blog name is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Consider what your audience is looking for. 
  • Alternatively, you can use a blog name generator.

Make sure the name of the blog that you create has not been used by someone else because it can reduce visibility and confuse readers when looking for your content.

#6. Customize Blog Appearance 

After some of the things above have been done, now adjust the appearance of the blog to be attractive and reflect the theme of the content.

For example, when you write the content of an article about the environment, add some visuals such as images or videos to give an idea to the audience. 

Then also make sure that the logo and about page on your blog are complete. Both have very important roles, such as: 

  • Logo, can remind blog readers about who published the content. 
  • The about page is used to provide complete information about the vision and mission of the blog that serves to support the company’s goals.

#7. Make a Content Posting Plan

You should also have a plan for posting content. What kind of writing will be published and how many times the posting time in a month. 

For those of you who do have a target with website traffic, try to plan the number of content posts every day.  

An example of planning this content post is to create a category of writing topic, time, and amount in a certain period of time. This will make it easier for you to post content on the blog. 

#8. Create a Content Outline to write a blog in an interesting way

Sometimes, blog posts can have a lot of information, so it’s a good idea to outline the content first. 

Simply put, you have to make notes regarding the outline of the topic discussion. How to write a blog on this one is needed if the topic of discussion is too long. 

The easy trick is to organize the info in such a way that readers don’t feel bored and burdened when reading long article content.


#9. Pay attention to the writing style in blog content

How to write a good and interesting blog must also pay attention to the writing style. Even though you are free to express various ideas, make sure the writing style used is not arbitrary. 

Basically, the blog is not a school assignment, but still it will be officially published on the website so that many people will read it. 

So the writing style should be in accordance with the language rules or EYD. The goal is that the audience can more easily read and understand the contents. 

As an additional tip, it would be better if you have a distinctive tone in your writing, such as satire or comedy.

#10. Ensure Content Formats Correctly

Ensuring the format of the content should also not be missed in how to write the right blog. The correct content format generally consists of three parts, namely opening, body, and closing. 

However, the level of concentration of online readers is not as long as some print media such as books, newspapers, or magazines. 

Make an opening with writing that can attract readers or briefly highlight the contents of the content. This will arouse the curiosity of the audience to read more. 

#11. Add Image or Video 

As we know that visuals are the most attention-grabbing thing when someone sees article content on a blog. So, it is important to add visuals to the blog content so that readers can be interested. 

Visuals in the content of this blog can be in the form of photos or illustrations taken from the internet. But when you want to download certain images, first pay attention to the copyright.

#12. Use Targeted Keywords or Keyword

The current use of keywords is very influential on the content of blog articles. The reason is, using the right keywords can help your blog page get a high rank on search engines like Google

Therefore, target low-volume keywords for optimization. Why low volume? Because usually, topics with low keyword volume make it easier for new blog posts to get a good rank. 

So, do some keyword research and start by identifying a general topic first. 

#13. Post Content Consistently

Other ways of writing blogs must also be consistent for posting content. Although it doesn’t have to be every day, it has a regular intensity. 

Therefore, it is important to plan content posting because it can make it easier for you when to create new articles and publish them. Of course, by following the planning and posting schedule, the blog audience will really look forward to it. 

#14. Promote Blog Content on Social Media

Some of the ways to write a blog above are the key so that you have an interesting content production for many people to read. 

However, don’t forget to promote by sharing your blog’s content on social media. You only need to share a few times or the content that is being talked about is trending.

Follow the Tips to write a Successful Blog Writing above

Those are some ways to write a blog properly. Some of the ways above are very important to do in order to produce interesting article content according to the needs of the reading audience. 

In addition to doing how to write articles on the blog above, you also shouldn’t miss several other supporting factors such as using the right keywords. Having low-volume keywords can help you rank in search engines more easily

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