Google What is Google Dance, Causes and How to Deal with It

What is Google Dance, Causes and How to Deal with It

What Is Google Dance, Causes And How To Deal With It

What is Google Dance – It’s possible that you’ve seen someone else’s article or your own article have an erratic ranking in google search engines on certain keywords. The Google Dance refers to the phenomenon of website pages jumping ranks as Google adjusts its rankings and re-evaluates pages.

When you do a search, you initially find it is in the 4th position, then you refresh the page or perform a search on a different device whose position decreases or even it rises.

If you’ve ever come across that incident, then it’s likely that the article page was hit by Google Dance.

It’s possible that you’re asking why it happened and how to avoid it. Therefore, let’s discuss what Google Dance means and its effect on website rankings.

What is Google Dance

Google Dance is one of the google algorithm tools that function to restructure the site in the SERP, its function is to determine the right ranking position for website pages based on the content and keywords used.

The role of Google Dance is to detect content and links used on website pages.

Whether the content contained on the website page is man-made or not, so is the use of links.

Website pages whose rankings are erratic, namely that they can go up or down, are the influence of Google Dance.

As the name implies, it has the meaning of shaking or shaking the position of a site.

Then what causes a website page to be affected by this, here’s more information.

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What Causes Google Dance

The causes of the emergence of google dance can be influenced by several factors, factors that can influence include:

1. Many Sites Have Sprung Up With Similar Content

The emergence of new sites that have identical content. And content has caused google dance to operate to find the most relevant pages to be positioned in the SERPs.

The site will be danced in brackets for a few days and in the analysis of which site will get the right position in the SERPs.

Google’s algorithm will analyze content and links to determine the right website page ranking.

2. Updating Unnatural Content

Previously, the author had experienced google dance in one of the articles on this blog.

This happens because you update the content too often, so something unnatural is detected.

As a result of frequent content updates, making the ranking erratic in the SERPs, it doesn’t even appear a few days with the targeted keywords.

However, when using different keywords, articles can still be found in the SERPs.

That’s what made the author panic for a few days, because of the panic, the author kept updating the content, even though this step turned out to be inappropriate.

So, if you don’t want to experience the same thing, it’s a good idea to update the content in a few weeks or maybe per month.

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3. Changing the URL Slug

Slug is one that can affect the ranking in SERPs, by using a URL slug that matches the target keyword, Google’s algorithm will provide a good ranking.

However, changing the URL slug can make search engines confused, about which URL is prioritized to get the ranking position.

For this reason, after changing the URL slug, you should remove the old URL slug through the Google Console.

Then determine which URL slug is the priority if searched with the target keyword.

You can do this by specifying the URL that is canonical, this method you can do using the Yoast SEO plugin.

4. Have Unnatural Backlinks

Articles that have just been published should not be too quickly paired with backlinks just because they want to get a good ranking.

Because it can be fatal, especially if the article is not of good quality.

Using backlinks to increase ranking positions in SERPs is indeed a powerful weapon used by a blogger.

However, the reality is that excessive or unnatural use of backlinks, can greatly adversely affect the position of your website page.

With the use of many backlinks, spam can be detected so that it is considered unnatural.

For that, create complete and interesting content, then leave it for a few weeks and then pair backlinks for maximum results.

5. Website Age Is Still Easy But Getting the Top Spot

Your website is only a few months old. Uh, all of a sudden the article just went straight to page one.

That kind of thing can make search engines suspicious, so they have to analyze the content and links of website pages.

Whether he deserves the top spot or not by dancing first.

After analysis, it is determined what position is right for the article.

Featured Website Affected by Google Dance

Website pages that are indicated by Google Dance can be found with the following characteristics:

The site is still well indexed by Google SERPs and by other search engines but has special SERP Positions on Google that vary every day and even every hour.

The site can be found on one of the keywords you are aiming for. However, other keywords do not appear, aka they are not right with the keywords you are targeting.

Sites sometimes appear in SERPs and sometimes do not appear. There are a few keywords that you shoot or shoot, but they produce different SERPs.

Tips for Dealing with Google Dance

If your article is experiencing the impact of Google Dance, you should not panic. Because it must be faced calmly. Here’s how to deal with the influence of Google Dance.

  1. Reduce link-in, especially on the on-page side of SEO. Whenever necessary, block too many links on your web, so they are not recorded lingering in the google tools cache.
  2. Update the content with the keywords you are most targeting, of course, do it reasonably, especially those that are relevant to the previous content. In the event of a content update differentiation, Google will detect this as new content.
  3. Update and add original content regularly.
  4. Don’t optimize the site too often, especially from the on-page side, because it will make google dance even more confused about determining the position of the SERP. Just reduce the link-in, and update accordingly.
  5. If you can make sure the content and keywords you are targeting are exposed to Google Dance, stop looking for excessive backlinks.


If a website page is affected by Google Dance, you should not panic, because it is the art of Google’s SERP algorithm to determine the most appropriate position of a website page.

Therefore, create complete and interesting content to win the ranking position as a result of Google Dance.

With complete and interesting content, Google’s algorithm detects original content so that it can decide the right ranking position.

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