Interviews How to Find a Job in a Covid-19/coronavirus Pandemic?

How to Find a Job in a Covid-19/coronavirus Pandemic?

How to Find a Job in a Covid-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic which has lasted for more than a year has brought many changes to aspects of human life. In this post we are trying to tell some tips on How to Find a Job During a Covid-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic?

Especially, in the health sector and the economy. For the economic sector, many companies have difficulty surviving so that they have to terminate their employees. In this difficult situation, finding a job becomes a challenge in itself.

Tips on How to find a job in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Ask close people for advice

Quoting the Financial Times, Director of career services from the University of Oxford, Jonathan Black, said in Nov 2020, to find a job, the first way is for you to contact your contacts or acquaintances.

After that, ask them for advice. Everyone likes to be asked for advice.

A sentence to try is, “I am exploring my options right now, and I would really appreciate your advice.” This statement takes the pressure off and will make more people want to talk.

You can ask them during the discussion about the types of jobs available, what criteria are job seekers looking for, and so on. It’s more effective than sending a CV to all companies.

Identify how to “sell” yourself

According to Jonathan, during the coronavirus pandemic, many people were forced to move into new fields because some sectors were affected by the pandemic harder than others.

When deciding to change fields or sectors, according to Jonathan, the most important thing is to find ways to “sell” your skills.

“I see that people underestimate a skill they are so good at. Because they find it easy, they think every one must be good at it (but they are not),” said Jonathan.

One way to find out the skills you have is by asking a trusted friend, partner, or colleague. You can ask them to write 3 words to describe you.

However, you do it, getting another perspective can help you formulate a plan and increase your confidence.

The next challenge is to prove or demonstrate your skills. You can participate in organizations or charities that need volunteers.

It can be a topic of conversation when you offer yourself for a job interview.

Apart from that, you can also update your LinkedIn profile. The online CV should reflect the job you want to do.

Reporting from The Balance Careers, May 5, 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, the harsh reality is that for any job opening, many candidates will apply.

Some of the candidates may be inferior to yours, but others will be as qualified or even higher.

Therefore, it is important to be able to “sell” yourself. The way, by explaining why you deserve to be called the best candidate.

To overcome feelings of shame, humility, or discomfort, think like a marketer.

Identify your strengths

Think about a time when you “shone” at work? Consider tasks you did well in and try to remember compliments at work. Look at your resume and list your strengths, skills, and accomplishments.

Also, think about why you are pursuing the career. Ask yourself, why did the job interest you? What excites you about your career and what job responsibilities are you most interested in?

This will help you to write job application letters and answer questions during job interviews.

When interviewing for a job, it’s best to use examples or anecdotes. For example, a story about problem-solving experiences in marketing. You can use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to develop a narrative.

Get in the habit of talking on the phone

Telephone and video calls are now the way most companies conduct interviews.

Forbes wrote, March 26, 2020, if you are not comfortable talking on the phone, ask some friends to make several calls.

Make sure you have a clear place for video chat. Video interviews will replace in-person interviews, but they should be treated the same.

Prepare the same way for a video interview as if you were meeting the hiring manager in their office.

Dress professionally, be prepared to leave five minutes early, check all your camera and audio settings beforehand, and use your phone so you can hear and be heard clearly.

The most important thing is to have a clear background. Make sure to choose a place in your home with a neat backdrop.

Some platforms allow you to use a virtual background, but be sure to test it before your interview to make sure it works properly.

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