Google How to change Phone Number in Gmail or Google account

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      1. Sir I don’t have old mobile number and g mail account I have only gmai account but I don’t have password plz help me

    1. The phone contact was not my own. But now I want to change the contact to my email account

  1. Sir i am not used my old mobile number now. Now i have another number. But 2014 after I cannot open my gmail account. When I try to open that gmail account, it ask the verification code. But i cannot have that mobile no in my hand. Now how can i open that gmail account?. Please help me.

  2. Please help me, some use my Google account and they changed number.Please help me sir

  3. I would like to change my phone number from (585)635-4410 to 585)867-2324 this is my new number

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  5. On this email account my personal phone number that I use to open email account was stolen, and then I want to login vial Android device ìt was not login with that phone number,how can I get help to solve that issues so that I can login to another phone number.

  6. iam loss my mobile my gmail password conformation code send to that mobile. how can i change my password & phone number with out that code .

  7. I don’t even HAVE a mibile #, my brother, who DOES have one, had to help me set up a second email account in my name. My number on the account is his. There was no other way… Can I get a phone call with my email verification code instead of a text when changing my number on my email address? Also the email address that I’m about to give, is my normal one, NOT the new one-my new one is ONLY to link it up with my second Nintendo Switch account. My brother has sold me his Switch. Now I have 2 Switches AND 2 email addresses, which, once I get a specific game for the Switch, I plan to communicate between the 2 Switches-the reason that I WANTED a second one to begin with! Anyways, I’d like to make sure that BOTH of my email addresses use my CURRENT landline number… Is that somehow possible? If so, how?

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