SEO LinkedIn How to build a LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters

How to build a LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters

How to build a LinkedIn profile to attract the recruiters.

LinkedIn is an online platform that connects professionals around the world. Through LinkedIn, you can build your professional profile. Even now, it is not uncommon for recruiters to look for potential prospective employee candidates through LinkedIn. How do you build a LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters? Biron Clark, the founder of CareerSidekick who has three years of experience as a recruiter, divulged his secrets. Here are tips for building a LinkedIn profile, check it out!

Use keywords and search terms in the “Skills” section of your LinkedIn profile

Keywords will help you to be ‘found’ on LinkedIn. Employers do a lot of searching every day to find candidates. Your skills will be counted as keywords in LinkedIn dance. By entering keywords in the skills section of your profile, it will appear when people do related searches.

Make your profile photo and headline as attractive as possible to make your LinkedIn profile open

The employer will see 10 people on each page when searching. They will visit your profile based on the information they see at a glance from the search page. Therefore, make sure your LinkedIn headline and profile photo attracts the eyes of employers.

In your profile photo, make sure your photo looks professional and friendly. Meanwhile, the headline will appear right next to your name. This will make it easier for employers to find people who are relevant to what they are looking for. Some examples of good headlines are:

  • Senior Product Manager at (company name)
  • Head of Sales at (company name)

If your job name is unique, you can include additional keywords that show your field of work so that your profile appears in the top searches. Examples include “Technical Associate in Software and Information Systems.”

Another thing to note is that you don’t need to write too many words or certifications on your headline. Just include one or two certifications that you think are most important in your headline. The rest are listed on your profile. Ever heard the words ‘if everything is a priority, then no one is a priority? This is the reason why employers are looking at profiles with too many headlines.

Make sure your profile is interesting to listen to

After trying to attract the hearts of employers through the two tips above, now is the time to deepen your profile. Don’t let the contents of your profile disappoint the employers who have clicked your name. The best way you can do this is to include some recommendations on your Linkedin profile.

Include two to three recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations have the power to prove your credibility and get companies interested in inviting you to interviews when they find you through LinkedIn.

List your achievements specifically!

Instead of writing ‘responsible for the TechBriefers Instagram account” you can write “increase TechBriefers Instagram engagement“. Don’t forget to also write down the actual results of the achievements you have achieved. According to Clark, writing down responsibilities can’t show how well you’re doing. So it will be more attractive to recruiters if you also write down your achievements. Some writing techniques that you can example are:

  • Increased department revenue by 11% by acquiring 16 clients throughout 2019
  • Led 3 different event projects with a total of 21 team members throughout January – March 2020, achieving an average target of 1500 audiences per event

Roleplay becomes a recruiter, come on! Learn from other profiles that interest you

This is the easiest trick you can do. After applying these 4 tips, you can do this to improve your LinkedIn profile. Pay attention to what others in your industry or field are doing. Then observe, imitate, and modify. You can do this by doing a search on LinkedIn related to your field. For example, you are a teacher. Search for ‘Guru’ via LinkedIn, then pay attention to which profiles should interest you in opening them. Also, analyze what makes you interested in seeing the profile.

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