SEO LinkedIn 5 mistakes to avoid while using LinkedIn

5 mistakes to avoid while using LinkedIn

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Using LinkedIn

Nowadays, applying for a job can now be done online by utilizing one of the social media called LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn in an efficient way will boost your opportunities. So, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid while using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002 and aimed at professionals from a variety of different backgrounds. The more you come here, there are more and more LinkedIn users, ranging from fresh graduates, employees, entrepreneurs, and even college children in semester 1, there are already many who have it!

However, if you are currently studying at what level? Are you one of the users of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is synonymous with a platform to introduce yourself professionally to a general audience or if the language of today’s children LinkedIn is like a Digital CV. There are so many people who maximize LinkedIn to find job vacancies or hope to be hired directly by the company.

According to LinkedIn career expert Blair Decembrele, there are about 20 million jobs available on the platform today, and once every 8 seconds there is a job hiring that comes from the platform. Wow, right?! If you can maximize your LinkedIn, well, your chances of getting a job are certainly getting bigger too, right?

For those of you who are interested in using LinkedIn or already using LinkedIn, let’s find out and avoid the following 5 mistakes so that your LinkedIn will be better!

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1. Using unprofessional photos

You must have heard that it is said that the profile picture can describe the identity of the person who wants to show it. Well, this also applies when you post a profile photo on your LinkedIn. The photo you put up later will reflect what kind of identity you want to brand to others.

On the other hand, it turns out that there are also many LinkedIn users who do not put up their profile photos, aka blanks. Well, be careful! An empty profile photo can also be just as bad as posting an unprofessional photo.

According to Decembrele, a LinkedIn profile accompanied by a photo can get 21 times more visits than one that doesn’t. So, don’t waste your chance, guys! Let’s put your photo that looks clear and of course professional.

2. Your Summary Column is Empty or bland

The summary aims to explain what your interests and preferences are, as well as what advantages stand out the most about you.

You can also highlight the highest experiences or achievements in life or during your career journey. But remember, don’t let you just rewrite your experience in the summary, rewriting it will only make your summary look bland and uninteresting.

3. Not writing down important information completely

Try to keep every piece of information you write on LinkedIn complete, friends! As discussed earlier, LinkedIn is like a digital CV. If the CV is unclear and incomplete, it will certainly harm you because other people who see your profile will not get much accurate information.

Clearly write down your educational history, organization, volunteering, work, or other information relevant to the field you are currently in. Oh yes! Don’t forget when listing organizational or work history, don’t just write down the name of the body! But it must be complete, what department you are in, what position it is in, and if you can give a brief explanation of the work you do there.

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4. Share something irrelevant

When you use LinkedIn to share something with your connections or strangers, try to share information that is professional in nature. Don’t overdo it or overshare it.

Separate professional affairs with other activities that are fun in nature and for fun. Share stories of your professional life on LinkedIn and for other fun activities, you can share on different social media.

5. Don’t know who your connections are

Building connections on LinkedIn is important because you need to network to be able to get the job opportunities you want. However, it should also be emphasized that you need to know very well who the people in your connection are.

You have to be careful in accepting other people’s connection requests because who knows that one of them turns out to have a bad job history and can get you involved in the problem.

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