Digital Marketing Difference between Cc and Bcc in Email, Using It Wrong!

Difference between Cc and Bcc in Email, Using It Wrong!

Difference between Cc and Bcc in Email, Using It Wrong!

Although often used in everyday life, many people still do not understand the difference between Cc and Bcc. Are you one of them? When sending emails, you must have used Cc and Bcc.

Sometimes many consider it the same or even think Bcc is to accommodate large amounts of Cc. In order not to be misguided in its use, here are the differences between Cc and Bcc in email.

Get to know Cc and Bcc

Cc in email stands for carbon copy. This naming follows the concept of carbon paper which is used for copywriting on other paper (for example on a receipt).

Bcc in email stands for blind carbon copy. This feature will also send you e-mail the same, only the recipient in the ‘to ‘ and ‘ cc ‘ can not see who else was on the ‘ bcc ‘.

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Difference between Cc and Bcc

After knowing what Cc and Bcc are, you can conclude one difference between Cc and Bcc, namely from their visibility. Bcc emails cannot be seen by other recipients, while Cc can be seen by all recipients. So, only the sender can find out the full Bcc list in his sent email.

Say you send an email with primary recipients ( to ) A, Cc for B and C, and Bcc for D. A can only see B and C as recipients. Likewise with B and C. However, D can tell that there are primary recipients A and Cc destined for B and C. However, if Bcc is added to E’s email, say, D can’t track it either because Bcc cannot be seen by other recipients.

About Cc, Bcc, and email threads

When you are replying to a message via email, there are times when the reply is not only once or twice but can be many times. Replying to emails repeatedly is what is then called email threads or email threads. Apparently, there will be a difference in email threads if you use Cc and Bcc.

If you use Cc, it means that all recipients can connect email threads directly. It’s different if you use Bcc, recipients who are on the Bcc list will not be able to connect email threads. It’s even more likely that their replies in email threads will be “evicted” by replies from other recipients.

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Using Cc and Bcc in Emails

In an email conversation, cc is usually used to provide a copy to the parties involved in the conversation. While the use of bcc in email conversations is usually used to attach emails to parties who are not directly related to the conversation, but it is necessary to know the existence of the email.

Here’s the usage scenario: you are a  customer service at company A who is serving customer complaints via email regarding technical problems that require the help of the technical support team.

When replying to an e-mail that you will include e-mail subscribers on the ‘ to ‘. Because you need the help of the technical support team, you include the email of the related party in the ‘ cc ‘ column, so that customers can also see that you involve a related party.

Meanwhile, to make sure the same case doesn’t happen again, you attach the email to your boss. But because the boss is not directly involved, it is better for the customer not to know about his involvement. Therefore, you enter your boss’s email address in the ‘ bcc ‘ column.

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In addition to customer handling, you can also take advantage of the Cc and Bcc features to maximize email marketing to keep it looking professional in the eyes of clients.  

Although email has become a medium of daily communication, there are still many who do not understand its features. Including the difference between Cc and Bcc, many still think that they are the same. Hopefully, the explanation above can help you to use email better in the future!

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