Digital Marketing Top benefits of having Email on Own Domain Name

Top benefits of having Email on Own Domain Name

Top benefits of having Email on Own Domain Name

Nowadays, email has become a necessity when you use the internet. Because, email has a variety of functions, especially when you use your own domain to create emails. Some of the advantages that you can get are credibility and a professional image in the eyes of email recipients. What are the benefits that you can get from email with your own domain?


Businesses that use email with their own domain name ending like “ ” will look more professional than ”.

This professionalism can later shape the business reputation or profile that you develop.

Besides being able to build a good reputation and look more professional. Email with your own domain name can also provide a sense of security and comfort for people who exchange messages with you. Whether consumers, business partners, potential clients, or recruiters . You will appear to have more integrity than using a free email provider, such as Yahoo! or Gmail.

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More Targeted Email

This one reason can be your consideration for using a domain name at the end of an email. Because an email with a relevant domain name can help you determine what destination is suitable for the email. For example, if you manage a portfolio website  and create an email name “ ”, then that email is specifically for your prospective clients.

On the other hand, you can also set up a professional email from your online store , such as “ ” which is intended to receive criticism, suggestions, or customer service emails from  your online store  website.

As a result, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by sharing the contents of your personal email with your business email.


Data security is important, especially when you manage business to corporate data. All communications between employees, business partners, clients and customers must be kept confidential. This reason can strengthen your decision to use your own domain name at the end of the email, especially for a business or online store .

In addition, you can set your own level of email security with your domain name. There are several types of free to paid SSL certificates that you can choose according to your needs. Additional tips, you can also increase the security of your own domain email account by activating two-factor authentication on all your email accounts and  websites .

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Email Capacity

Free email services like Yahoo! and Gmail has bandwidth and storage capacity limits . However, if you have e-mail with a self-managed domain name, you can more freely manage storage capacity. Because, you manage your own hosting account  and if you reach the limit, you can upgrade to a higher package.


Those are some of the benefits of email with your own domain name that you can use for consideration. Hope this article helps. If you have any doubts or query, drol in the comment section below.

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