Google How to Increase CPC in Google AdSense

How to Increase CPC in Google AdSense

How To Increase CPC In Google AdSense

How to increase CPC in Google Adsense/ increase Google Adsense CPC – For those who have a blog or website, definitely always want to achieve a high CPC in Google Adsense. The greater the CPC value, the more profitable it will be for you. Therefore, in this discussion, I will review how to increase Google AdSense legally without committing fraud and within budget.

Basically, if you want to boost income with a high CPC in Google Adsense, it’s all about the specific details. There’s nothing more important than this, especially when it comes to your Google Adsense earnings. If you’re just starting, be sure to read this if you don’t know what Google Adsense CPC is.

Cost per Click, or Adsence CPC, is a factor that is used to calculate how much money a blog or blog website makes through the Google Adsense program. Adsense CPC is the amount that every advertiser offers with every ad they run.

This means that with every click on an Ad on a website or blog, the publisher of the blog or website will receive income according to the CPC value. Simply put, one of the factors in the CPC amount is generally determined by the advertiser’s bidding on various blogs and websites on the Google advertiser network, i.e., AdSense.

How to improve CPC in Google AdSense

Every publisher wants a high CPC Adsense value. However, you need to know that this CPC value is not always high, so the highest CPC in any country is not certain for sure. The CPC value is often low, only around hundreds of thousands. Certainly, with a CPC that low, you might be wondering why your blog or website’s CPC is so low.

Then, is there a really good way to increase the Adsense CPC value? Of course, there are ways to increase Google Adsense CPC on blogs easily and simply. Below is a tutorial that you need to pay close attention to.

Using Nісhе Potentially Has High Valuable CPC

The niche or topic of the blog is one of the aspects that greatly influence the size of the CPC value. A blog that only discusses one topic usually has a higher CPC value compared to other blogs that review multiple topics or niches.

For example, a blog that specifically discusses automotive will have a higher CPC when compared to blogs that share many topics such as automotive, health, crypto, and so on.

Creating Valued Target Keywords (Keywords)

It turns out that the keywords you put in the blog content influence the CPC value. Using inappropriate keywords can be the cause of your Google Adsense CPC value being low.

For this reason, you have to carefully choose the best and most relevant keywords for your search according to the article you write. Then the blog will be worth more when you use the right keywords. Google has a free tool called AdWords that can help you pick the best keywords.

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Using AdWords for High CPC Keyword Research

Through AdWords, you can discover various criteria for keywords. It helps you to determine which ones have high or low value. However, it’s important to note that the CPC values in AdWords are estimates in currency for advertisers (Google advertisers). Not for publishers looking to increase their earnings through Google AdSense.

However, AdWords is helpful if used, for example, to choose keywords and to estimate how high the CPC will be from that keyword. When creating content you must be able to embed keywords that have the highest selling value. So that Google can place advertisements on them. The exact page of your blog or website has an impact on increasing CPC which can improve your income.

How High CPC Keywords Affect Adsense CPC

To increase your Adsense CPC, look for high CPC keywords, also known as High Paying Keywords (HPK). And then your blog’s CPC can increase rapidly. To create these keywords, you can also use the help of a keyword surfer.

For example, when you create content on a blog or website that reviews smartphones, Google AdSense will automatically show advertisements about smartphones on your blog page. The ad Adsense will display, will be based on the keywords present in your content.

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However, the ads you display also influence the user’s interest in the content (interest ads). And the user’s interest in specific content (interest ads) also influences the ads that appear. However, administrators can turn off this feature, not only depending on the keywords present in the article.

Apart from using various external tools, there are powerful tools from Google that can be used to significantly increase CPC and traffic, namely by leveraging аt Google Search Console (GSC).

You can search for article keywords in GSC. The reason is that the keywords that appear on GSC have been proven to be recorded. Whereas, people have an interest in the topics related to the keywords on your blog. In general, what you need to do is just create an article that is not yet on the blog but has appeared on GSC, as long as those keywords have the potential for a high CPC value.

Placing Ads Effectively

When placing advertisements, there are many places where you can display Adsense advertisements on your blog page. The advertisements that have the greatest chance of being seen are under the title, within the article, and in the sidebar. So, I believe that placing the advertisement in this location can increase the CPC value on your blog or website.

Creating Responsive Ads

This method is about increasing Google AdSense CPC by using responsive ads. Responsive ads mean that you can display the ads on various platforms, such as desktop or mobile. Besides boosting your CPC in Google AdSense, these responsive ads can improve the enjoyable experience for visitors on your blog.

Choosing the Right Type of Ads

Google AdSense itself offers various types of ads that you can display on your blog or website, such as text, video, or image ads. Among these types, visitors are usually more attracted to image ads compared to text ads. This is because, with image ads, the ad content can be well represented. Making it easy for visitors to quickly understand and grasp the message.

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Well, those are some ways to increase Google AdSense CPC i.e., to boost your income by CPC in Google Adsense, as discussed above. You can optimize all the methods available to ensure an increase in your Google AdSense CPC.

In addition to the mentioned methods, there’s one more way, which is blocking ad categories that are not suitable for your content. These irrelevant ads don’t have any impact on increasing CPC, so it’s better to block them. That concludes the article I’ve created on how to increase Google AdSense CPC. I hope it’s helpful. Thank you.

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