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Introduction to PHP

php introduction

So if you are going to learn PHP, you should first know WHAT PHP IS. So this article giving introduction to PHP is the answer of this question.

What is PHP?

PHP is recursive acronym for Hypertext Processor and is a widely used open source general-purpose scripting language that is executed on server and can be embedded into HTML very easily.

PHP is free to download and use as it is open source.

  • It is the first choice for web development startup because of its easiness.
  • This scripting language is as large and deep that large websites like Facebook runs on it.
  • PHP is as Powerful that the biggest bogging platform WordPress has PHP as its core.

Let’s know about PHP file.

Introduction to PHP file?

PHP file is a file with “.php” extension in which all the code will be written.

These files contain PHP script + HTML + JavaScript + CSS in it.

At very first the PHP script in the file is executed on the server then its returns an HTML page as result.

Features of PHP

Runs on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac etc.)

Supports approximately all the databases.

Compatible with almost all the web servers used nowadays (Apache, Oracle, IIS etc.).

Very easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server.

AND….it is FREE. You can download its latest version from official source:


Before you start learning PHP, you should get an introductory knowledge of HTML. If you know CSS and JavaScript, it will be complementary point.

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